Friday, October 3, 2008


Let me first start by saying thank you to all who have supported me in this long journey! It has been stressful, honestly. I don't remember ever having as much stress as I have had to go through. Not only with the fundraisers, and getting people to donate, but to also find the time to train with a husband deployed half way across the world. But without your support (money-wise and emotionaly), I don't think I could have ever made it! I have had to go through planned fundraisers that were a flop. Fundraisers that stressed me out on getting the checks from the fundraising people. People who donated one amount ot me and a much higher to my friend - frustrating. Just wondering sometimes why I was doing this. But I know why I did it. And i knwo it made a difference. Little 7 year old Bryna's smile will show you the difference. She's an amazing kid who smiles constantly. She doesn't let her battle with Leukemia bring her down. She just goes on. What else can you do? Dwell? It just won't do any good. I've sat and asked myself why I ever agreed to do this. Why would I agree to raise such a large amount of money right before moving across the country? I know how much we needed the money and didn't want ot be put in the whole to do this. Granted the hubby did chip in $400 of his own money. So it did kind of dip us a bit. But I know he did it out of love and support for a goal that irealyl wanted to reach. After many months of trying to get a sitter and train, trying to train at wee hours of the morning, and trying to raise $2800, I HAVE NOW DONE IT! I'm excited! I'm relieved! And I can't wait to complete this journey adn run my half marathon through San Francisco!

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all those who took the time to give up a family meal to a fast food restaurant, or a night out to the movies, and donate that money to my cause. You are all unbelievable people! Amazing and so gracious! Photos to come from my journey soon. Sorry there haven't been any yet . . but I haven't had anyone take any of me . . just everyone else :( So someday my mug shot might be taken of me running.

BTW, watch out D.C. 2010! I'm dragging my sister into this next! and we WILL be running the FULL marathon! So . . . um . . . start saving for this incredible cause!!! I will be at your doors and mailboxes again!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Great!

So ON Saturday morning I headed out to run with the team again. 10 miles. WOW! My longest yet. I was unsure how I would do but I felt great. The weather was great. Just a bit cold. I had on my long sleeve shirt over my running tank and after a breif stretch we headed out. Twice around Woodward Park, then off onto a trail. Mile 1 I was still a bit unsure how I would do. Mile 2, asthma started kicking in. Not sure I would evne pull off five today but I just kept going. Keeping my feet moving to the beat of the music, hoping no one would talk to me as I ran. I know ~ that sounds bad~ but I just can't run and talk. If i do, my mouth gets all dry and my asthma kicks in again. So I just try to look ahead and keep going. As long as my feet keep moving to the best, I'm pretty good.

By mile 4 I could feel some pain but was hoping it would disappear. Mile 5 came and I felt awesome! So then I take off on the trail, trying to avoid stopping at aid stations. I knwo they are there for a bit of refrashment, but if I stop, my muscles seem to tighten up rather quickly. So i just carry my shot blocks and keep myself going. Tossing in a bit of gatorade and water here and there to stay hydrated. Here comes the tough part. . . a hill. Hospital Hill. Man that thing is a killer. I think it's named that cause you might end up at the hospital afterwards . . lol. Anyhow, so up I went on that hill and reached the top. Made mu u-y and came back down. As always on a down hill, I picked up some speed. The speed felt good and I did my best to maintain it the last two miles in to the parking lot. Amazingly I did it. And i felt awesome! I didn't even have much pain the following a day. Just a bit of calf tightness. Other then that I had a great run!

So, tomorrow I go on another run. I'm doing my best to attend as many runs as possible. I'm doing daily sit-ups and push-ups to build up my upper body muscle. Another 3.1 ontop of what I did. . no sweat! I seriously think I can do this half marathon now! And I'm so excited to do it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A very sad day . . . .but a new motivation

Today a great inspiration in my life passed away. A wonderful person with the biggest heart. If you attended Neutra Elementary anytime in the 90's or before, you will remember her. Yesterday afternoon I was notified that Mrs. Carmen Nicholson, a 2nd grade teacher - retired now, was in a coma. She was not expected to make it. So today I decided to go do one last visit with her. She made a contribution to me running in this marathon in July. How sudden things happen. At 5pm, I arrived at Hanford Community Hospital to give her my love. A sign on the door read "Please ask nurse before entering." I could see relatives in the room, her son in law and grand daughter. The doctor I spoke to said he would ask the relatives if I could enter but that she was "expiring" soon. As he walked in, the grand daughter's eyes filled with tears, she looked at me and shook her head no. Not no, that I couldn't enter, but no . . she had just passed away. So, at 5:05pm tonight, Mrs. Carmen Nicholson, the greatest woman with the biggest heart - my inspiration for someday teaching and who led me to my love for working with kids - in any way possible, has passed away.If she was ever your teacher, ever affected you in any way, you may want to join us in saying goodbye at her funeral. I will send details out as soon as I know more. And even though she didn't have Leukemia or Lymphoma, I'm now dedicating my run to her, on top of my honorees. With love to Mrs. Nicholson . . . . .

On top of this, a new motivation for me, I'm asking that 10 people donate $30 to my donation page. The first person to do this will recieve most of their money back. The first person will get a $20 Target Gift Card. The winner will be announced tomorrow night, Sept 12th, at 8pm. Can you be the one?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You just can't miss this!!!

Tastefully Simple Party!

Yep - yummy food and lots of fun!
Thursday Sept 4th - 6pm
1244 E. Stuart Ave
Fresno 93710

Come eat! Come shop!
A portion of the proceeds goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Can't come? No worries!! Just pretend you spent the money anyhow and donate it to the Society on my page -


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fifth Fundraiser down - three to go

So last night I had my Hot Dog On A Stick fundrasier. Hundreds of flyers were given out, around town and at the mall while it was going on. I had four friends who came out to support me. Unfortunately by 7pm, it had slowed down A LOT. I hung out by myself hoping to see some other friend or relative show up to support me. Unfortunately that didn't happen. The mall was very quiet and almost dead. I'm not sure of my profit yet but I will average about $30.

So three more to go. This Saturday I will be in Lemoore on the Navy base selling my hair bows. Hopefulyl I get some good profits. Time is running out and I'm hoping for at least one successful fundraiser out of the 8 that are planned. So far five down and none have been very successful. The most was $100, which isn't too bad, but not a big dent in $2800.

Sept 4th I will be having a Tastefully Simple Party. All are invited! My house 6:30pm - YUM! Come hungry!

Sept 6th is our biggest and hopefully most successful fundraiser! It is our End Of Summer Boutique. Information below so please please come and check us out!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shaving Legs

Do you know how hard it is to shave your legs after running 8 miles on hills? hahah . . I know weird title for a blog but damn! IT HURT! Trying to lift my legs enough to shave them. You know, I had to look somewhat nice for church tomorrow so it was a must. I felt like I needed one of those old granny seats to sit on and some bars on the wall to pull myself up! Ok, ok, so maybe that's a bit dramatic. But really . . I was very sore.

The hill run at Shaver Lake was gorgeous today! We got up there around 6 or a little after and I started running at precisely 6:27am. It was so beautiful to watch the sun come up as we hit the road to run. If I had been sitting still it might have been more beautiful. But instead I was concentrating more on trying to somehow get up those dang hills. They were definitely tough ones! By mile 1 I was looking for a bathroom . . man I had to pee! (Sorry for TMI). But by mile 3 my body had forgotten that sensation - and no I did not pee on myself while running . . hahaha Sorry - I'm in a insanely weird mood tonight . . .hehehe. Anyhow, By mile 3 my asthma started kicking up. Thank goodness for my new inhaler. It was tough enough to run in this elevation but I knew it was going to be more tough with my asthma.

I finally made it to the turnaround point and started my journey back. By mile 6 I thought "Hey this isn't so bad - I think I can do 12 today". But by the time I hit the hills on mile 7 I knew it wasn't going to happen. I hadn't gotten a good run in in a few weeks (the problem with having a deployed hubby and no one who can watch my kids in the early morning hours). So I finished the 8 mile completely-full-of-hills run and tried to relax. I stretched out tons but my thighs were still sore. I could feel the muscle building as I stood there . . hehehe. I finished the run at 7:58. So 8 miles on hills, 1 hr and 31 minutes, giving me 11:37 miles. Not too bad considering the amount of hills.

A wonderful team mate sold yummy breakfast burritos and thank goodness there were extras because I hadn't preordered (What was I thinking??). Then another team mate told me she wasn't going to come to my Hot Dog On A Stick fundraiser this coming Tuesday because it wasn't one of her fav foods. Completely understandable! But then she shocked me by donating to me. She, too, is running, and raising money. Yet she is so sweet she hands me $30 towards my goal. The thing I love about groups like this and other's I have been involved with in my life, is that the longer you're with them, the closer you become . . almost like a family. All the years I was in marching band growing up, it was a family. My playgroup - we're like family . .very very close. And TNT . . just like Family! So now (after donations go in) I'm about $600 from my goal. I only need $100 a week! I'm stoked!

I have four upcoming fundraisers to go in just the next two weeks! This Tuesday - August 26th - I'm doing a Hot Dog On A stick fundraiser. All you have to do if you live in Fresno is go eat there between the hours of 6pm and 8pm. If you go there, I'll be standing there handing out fliers. Simply give them the flier when you make your purchase and you have then donated 20% of your purchase towards my goal!

The next one is August 30th. I'll be doing a booth in Lemoore on the Navy Base selling my hair bows and bow holders.

The next one is on Sept 4th. I'll be having a Tastefully Simple Party here at my place at 6:30pm. A percentage will go towards my goal.

Last but not least is a End Of Summer Boutique. We will have ten different vendors at my house selling their goods. A percentage will be going towards mine and my friend Chandra's goal. I have a great feeling about this. It's from 11-4pm and I hope to see you there!